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Sterling Deaerator Company has become one of the leading worldwide suppliers of Deaerators, Continuous Blowdown Equipment, Heat Transfer Fluid Expansion Vessels, Package Deaerators and Steam Accumulators since its inception in 1987. We pride ourselves in our ability to compete on deaerator projects of all sizes, ranging from small scrubber type units to the largest central station utility units.

Sterling prides itself even more on our long list of satisfied customers, who buy repeatedly from Sterling and include some of the largest companies in the world.

Our client list includes a large number of the major deaerator purchasers worldwide. A few examples are: Southern Company, Siemens, JGC, American Electric Power, Consolidated Edison, Toshiba, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Black and Veatch, Bechtel and others too numerous to mention. Sterling has alliances with fabricators worldwide, which makes us competitive virtually everywhere around the globe, while maintaining the highest quality.

Sterling has the ability to handle even the largest projects efficiently from start to finish, including Engineering, Drafting, Design, Fabrication and Quality Assurance. Sterling Deaerator Company is a member of HEI and ABMA.
Sterling Deaerator Company began operations in 1987 in Lenexa, Kansas. The company founder, Mr. Al Sidun, had been President of Chicago Heater Company for many years prior to starting Sterling. Mr. Sidun formed Sterling with a select group of experienced engineering, drafting, sales and service personnel. Since its inception, Sterling has continuously improved all areas of operation with a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Sterling has gained vast experience in all applications, serving Power Generation, Cogeneration, Pulp and Paper, Petro-Chemical, Light Industrial and other industries. Sterling is a leading provider of its range of equipment worldwide. Sterling has a global network of representatives and trading partners to facilitate international markets.
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For Spare Parts Contact
Sterling in Lee’s Summit, MO
Phone: 816-524-5382
Fax: 816-524-5480

For New Equipment Contact
Sterling in Lee’s Summit, MO
Phone: 816-524-5382
Fax: 816-524-5480