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Sterling has a design staff with over a century of experience to offer customers the most economical solution for each application. Through the aid of custom designed software, Sterling can respond quickly to customer inquiries and match the customer’s needs with Sterling’s proven technology. Sterling remains an active member of the Heat Exchange Institute (HEI) and continues to work in developing design standards for deaerators through HEI. We have offices in Missouri and Georgia, which help us to meet customer needs within the United States and worldwide. Sterling is also active in the ASME and played a crucial role in the rewriting of ASME Performance Test Code Section 12.3. PTC 12.3 is the most widely accepted code for deaerator performance testing.

Sterling’s Drafting Department uses the latest AutoCAD® software to produce quality drawings in a timely fashion. Our experienced Drafting Department works extensively with the customer to produce drawings providing the most efficient and economical solutions to our customers’ needs. Drawings are produced, then checked by at least one other drafter and an engineer before they are submitted. Our drawings are printed using the latest laser plotting technology for clear, sharp originals and blueprints. We have experience working with many customers’ online collaboration systems, as well as FTP and other electronic means. Full size plottings and prints are also available.

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For Spare Parts Contact
Sterling in Cumming, GA
Phone: 770-205-1969
Fax: 770-205-2882

For New Equipment Contact
Sterling in Lee’s Summit, MO
Phone: 816-524-5382
Fax: 816-524-5480